Annie- Owner, Pet Sitter & Groomer 

My name is Annie and I am "Jane" of Jane of All Trades Chicago.  I started this company in 2009 to share my talents and passions with Chicago and make some necessary services a little more affordable in a tough economy. 

I have always had a passion for dogs and have been fortunate enough to have several experiences that have led me to starting this company.  After studying art in school, a plethora of odd jobs and a career in real estate, I ended up walking dogs with a great company in Chicago.  I then went on a service trip to help with the homeless and neglected dogs in Greece, and came back wanting to be more interactive with pets and serving others.  Six months later Jane of All Trades Chicago began!

I am so excited that I now get to spend the majority of my time with some of my favorite creatures on earth, dogs!  Every day that I am greeted by an excited dog is the most gratifying work experience I could ask for.  I am very honored that my client put their immediate trust in me and that when people think of who to leave their pets with, I am the one who comes to mind.  In return for the many gifts that have been given to me and in continuance of my service efforts, with this company I also hope to help dogs in need both locally and abroad.  I look forward to helping you in whatever tasks you need and bringing passion and talent together in this amazing company! 

Phone: 312.715.PETS 
Richard​- Pet Sitter

Hi my name is Richard. I am Annie’s of “Jane of All Trades” husband and share in the caring of our dogs Cleopatra and Parklin as well as the walking and pet caring responsibilities for her services. I have been a dog lover and owner throughout my life and enjoy the time and companionship they have brought to the home. Often times even in their homes.  I’m sure the husbands out there will understand that there are times when I find my self in the dog house. But as long as I have my little buddy around it’s a.o.k.  Do I love dogs? I am one. Just ask my wife.  Kidding!
Meet Our Team!
Eddie- Dog Walker

Hi! My name is Heriberto, but people just call me Eddie for short.  I joined JATC in June of 2016.  I would love to take care of your pets when you need me to.  I have over four years experience working with pets at a grooming company.  I worked as a grooming assistant who groomed, bathed, brushed and dried dogs while providing excellent customer service.  I have a lot of experience and am more than willing to to assist you and your pups.  Thank you for your time and I look forward to working with you!
Melody - Dog Walker

Hi! My name is Mattlon but everyone calls me Melody because it's easier to pronounce. I joined JATC in March 2018. Even though I have no pets of my own, I'd say I've spent half my life caring for other people's dogs and cats for friends, college professors, as well as relative's pet goldfish, birds, turtles, etc.. I've been a member of the ASPCA since February 2013 and will soon start volunteering at PAWS Chicago in my spare time. I am excited about this opportunity to utilize my skills and experience and look forward to making a positive impact on JATC clients.

Jeannette - Dog Walker

Hi! I'm Jeannette Buerk, a lifelong on again off again resident of the north side Ravenswood area.  I have been with JATC since March 2013.  I do, however, regularly get where I have to go on bike, as well as swimming, some jogging, a little tennis and skiing when the conditions are good.  I stayed in this area for schooling (Ravenswood, Amundsen & Northwestern) and have been in several school districts (mostly suburban) as a band, orchestra director and instrumental music teacher.  I have had a long running love affair with dogs (especially small ones), animals and fish.

Since childhood there was usually at least one small dog in the family and I have had some truly wonderful dog companions over the years.  Always the hardest is when I lose them forever. Memories have to suffice for now.  I have become something of a yorkie poo rescuer. As these dogs are poodle and terrier, they are very smart, lively, healthy, loving and just great companions.  I just have way too many companions (ask anyone who calls me and everyone then decides to bark!).  So here I am doing something for you I already do - taking care of dogs.  Arf! Arf! for now and I'll be seeing your 4 legged companion soon!
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